Coarse Fishing

The lake is one acre in size, and has 21 pegs which are either slabbed or mown grass.
The lake was built in 2000, and has a depth of 3-5 feet, and there are several deeper holes, which will hold the fish in colder weather.

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Fishing Ticket passes are available to purchase from Reception. We will REQUIRE a valid rod license to grant your fishing ticket. Fishing rules can be read here or they can be found sign-posted around the lake. We reserve the right to revoke any fishing permit if you are not adhering to the rules.

Townsend Touring Coarse Fishing Lake Pembridge

Townsend Touring Park Course Fishing Lake

Fishing Prices:

Tickets MUST be purchased from reception before fishing.

  • Adult (age 16+)
    • Full Day : £10
    • 1/2 Day (valid 3pm onwards) : £6
    • Week : £50
  • Child (<16)
    • Full Day : £5
    • 1/2 Day (valid 3pm onwards): £4
    • Week : £25

What fish are in the lake:

  • Carp (Common, Mirror, Crusian)
  • Roach
  • Rudd
  • Tench
  • Goldfish (great for kids on maggots)
  • Bream


When fishing the feeder, only non-tether rigs should be used.
Banned baits are boilies, nuts, high protein bait, ground bait and dog/cat food.
Baits allowed are maggot, castor, worn, corn, meat, bread, and pellet.
The park also operates a no keep net approach for pleasure anglers, but they can be used in organized matches

Tips from Experience:

During the winter months, scale down to thinner diameter line, smaller hooks, and also feed sparingly. The carp in the lake will still feed in the colder weather, and all baits will work, though you may have to wait a little longer for bites. When hooked, the fish put a good fight, especially when using lighter tackle.

 The fish have lots of natural feed available, and are putting on weight and size since being introduced to the lake.

Pellet, meat and corn also work well, and can often `catch` the bigger fish.

Best method is to fish a small feeder to the island with a hook length of 9” - 12”, or by fishing at 1”-2” over depth when fishing with a float rod or pole.

Fishing Pond Pool Townsend Touring Park and Farm Pembridge Herefordshire West Midlands EnglandFishing Pool Pond Townsend Touring Park and Farm Pembridge Herefordshire West Midlands England